After a brief stay here at WordPress, I’ve packed up and moved over to MVN.  Update your bookmarks and RSS feeds according, yes, that means all seven of you.

Erik Manning

Erik became addicted to Cardinals baseball as a young lad growing up on the mean streets of O'Fallon, MO. He moved away to Tulsa to attend Bible College, where he met his wife, who talked him into moving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, also known as the Bermuda triangle of baseball. His dream is to see the blackouts end, and his other interests are theology and philosophy of religion. He is the parent of two young boys.

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  1. You may only have 7 subscribers, but you should take solace in knowing that your reach is probably farther than you’d imagine. Take it from me, a lonely Cards fan in New Orleans reads this and FR everyday.

    Thanks for posts and keep on keepin’ on.

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