John Marecek tweeted about a lineup of all Ex-Cardinals that are still active, so I thought I’d take a quick whack at it.  So here goes.

C – Mark Johnson – Who?  Well he played for Memphis last year getting a quick cup of coffee with the big club.  He’s in AAA with the Cubs right now, but is the only former catcher I dug up that is still active.  Am I missing anyone?

1B – Does Chris Duncan count as still active?   Does Brett Wallace count as a former Cradinal since he never played with the big club?  I’m going to settle on Russel Branyan who played 4 games there in 2007.  Russel has amassed 4.5 WAR over the last 3 years while DHing.

2B – Placido Polanco.  Placido has accumulated 11.1 WAR the last 3 years, outpacing Adam Kennedy, Ronnie Belliard and Felipe Lopez among others.

3B – Scott Rolen.  Rolen has 8.6 WAR over the last 3 years.

SS – The first name that came to mind was Renteria; however Jack Wilson leads 6.2 to 6.1 in WAR with most of Renteria’s WAR coming from the 2007 season which he hasn’t come close to in the last two years.  Final verdict is Wilson.

OF -  JD Drew is clearly the star of the outfield having collected 9 WAR over the last three years.  Finding the other two starters is difficult, especially following strict rules.  Coco Crisp would be a good option, but he never stepped foot on the field for the big club.  That being said I’m going with Felipe Lopez in one outfield spot (he played there some for the 08 team) as he’s amassed 4.6 WAR over the last 3 years (3.4 this year).  In the other I’m going to put the suprise of the team, Fernando Tatis as he’s collected 2.6 WAR over the last two years for the Mets.

Starting Pitchers – Dan Haren (16.6 WAR),  Jason Marquis (7.4 WAR), Braden Looper (3.4 WAR), Jeff Suppan (2.1 WAR), and Anthony Reyes (1.1 WAR) combine to for the rotation with an honorable mention to Jeff Weaver (1.4 WAR but no 2008).  Clearly Dan Haren is not only the class of the rotation, but of this team in general.  The rest are better suited as bottom of the rotation guys or swingmen.

Relief Pitching – Russ Springer (2.2 WAR), Julian Tavarez (2.1 WAR), Kiko Calero (1.6 WAR), Jamey Wright (1.6 WAR), Randy Flores (0.8 WAR) and Chris Perez (0.5 WAR).   Decent RH middle relief, but nothing to shout about at all from the left side.

That’s what I’ve got for an all ex-Cardinal team.  Who did I miss/forget?  If I get some down time I’d like to take a look at this team in Sky’s team WAR calculator and see how many wins they could come up with.

Steve Sommer

Simulation analyst by day, father and baseball nerd by night

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