Inspired by all of the quality new graphs coming out of BtB, I thought I’d keep up my trend of putting some new charts out there.  There seems to be many graphs dealing with offense and overall value, but not many defense specific graphs.  That being said, here’s my feeble attempt at displaying two of the better defensive shortstops out there.

The chart shows the three components of UZR (double play runs, range runs, and error runs) all scaled to 150 defensive games.  The axis is in runs above average with the center point being -5 runs.  Each set of gridlines out is 5 runs.  Here you can see that Ryan appears to have played a more well rounded defensive game this season, but that is more than made up for by Wilson’s lead in range runs.  To get a different look at things, let’s take the same chart and turn it into percentiles

My major point in showing this chart is that without context the first chart makes it look like Brendan has played a solid, well rounded game without displaying great range.  This chart shows him in the ~80th percentile in range.

These charts are probably just the start of me looking at defensive metrics and figuring out how to improve their graphic display.  I’m not overly thrilled with how these came out, and plan to keep working on them.  As always, thoughts are appreciated.

Steve Sommer

Simulation analyst by day, father and baseball nerd by night

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  1. I love your work here. I’m a Twins fan, but I’m glad I came across this site.

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