In preparation for the debacle that was game 2 of the NLDS I did a quick survey of how Cardinal hitters hit high velocity LHP fastballs. With that data in hand I went down the path of looking at all hitters against all high velocity fastballs (for the purpose of this look >94 mph). For the study I only looked at players that had put 50 balls in play over the time frame I was looking at (2008-mid Sept 2009).  First the list of best SLGCON

SLG Rank Player SLGCON
1 Adam Dunn 0.984
2 J.D. Drew 0.962
3 Ryan Howard 0.896
4 Prince Fielder 0.893
5 Chase Utley 0.820
6 Joey Votto 0.808
7 Nick Swisher 0.806
8 B.J. Upton 0.779
9 Carlos Quentin 0.774
10 Torii Hunter 0.771

And the worst

SLG Rank Player SLGCON
177 Bobby Crosby 0.193
176 Juan Rivera 0.241
175 Kenji Johjima 0.250
174 Cesar Izturis 0.260
173 David Eckstein 0.278
172 Jason Kendall 0.278
171 Jeremy Hermida 0.280
170 Mark Kotsay 0.291
169 Yadier Molina 0.292
168 Magglio Ordonez 0.300

And the notable Cardinals

SLG Rank Player SLGCON
23 Ryan Ludwick 0.707
24 Albert Pujols 0.700
30 Matt Holliday 0.659
41 Mark DeRosa 0.616
67 Skip Schumaker 0.556
82 Troy Glaus 0.518
169 Yadier Molina 0.292
NA Colby Rasmus 0.556
NA Rick Ankiel 0.388

Just thought these might be interesting. For a point of reference MLB average over the sample was 0.510.  A more interesting look might be to do run values and expected run values, and I hope to have those incorporated into my database soon.

Steve Sommer

Simulation analyst by day, father and baseball nerd by night

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