Jeremy at Baseball Analysts gives us hitter’s performance on swings based on where in the zone the pitch ended up.  Here are the key Cardinals performance on pitches “down the middle”.  The last column is runs per 100 swings.

Name Runs Swings Run/100
Albert Pujols 21.8 262 8.3
Skip Schumaker 17.3 240 7.2
Matt Holliday 15.4 282 5.5
Ryan Ludwick 2.9 298 1.0
Brendan Ryan 2.5 219 1.1
Colby Rasmus 0.6 233 0.3
Yadier Molina -8.7 290 -3.0

I’d think a good place to start would be to get the guys below Holliday to do better on hittable pitches.

Steve Sommer

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4 Responses to “McGwire's First Task”

  1. Well, that seems easy now, doesn’t it?

    • Yep piece of cake right? Just hit better :)

      The most shocking one to me was Ludwick. How is a guy with his raw power not better on meatballs?

  2. I do think it parallels the criticism I most often here about the Cards (rightfully so I might add) that they need to have more disciplined at bats. One of the goals of a disciplined at bat is to get a good pitch to hit, so I’d think it would behoove them to improve on hitting said good pitches.

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