The cure for a slumping offense is facing the Pittsburgh Pirates. ┬áTheir pitching has allowed a league leading 180 runs. That’s a bit unlucky according to BaseRuns, which says they should have allowed 167, which is still awful. Really, really awful. That’s 6 runs allowed per game for those of you scoring at home. While their pitching staff has underperformed expectations, expectations weren’t that high to begin with.

I’m going to just cut to the chase since the game has already started, but I think we all know what to expect.

Erik Manning

Erik became addicted to Cardinals baseball as a young lad growing up on the mean streets of O'Fallon, MO. He moved away to Tulsa to attend Bible College, where he met his wife, who talked him into moving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, also known as the Bermuda triangle of baseball. His dream is to see the blackouts end, and his other interests are theology and philosophy of religion. He is the parent of two young boys.

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