We get a reprieve from the endless Penny puns, at least for a couple of weeks. The Cardinals rosily think Penny will require just the minimum 15 day stay on the DL.

In the meantime, we get to see PJ Walters, one of my old pet prospects. After taking a break after the tragic death of his infant daughter, Walters has been on a tear ever since coming back to Triple-A Memphis.  In 19 and 2/3rd innings, PJ has 23 K’s, 3 walks and has allowed just 9 hits.

The biggest chink in Walter’s armor has been his fastball velocity. Back in his halcyon days when he was demolishing the Florida State League with an 86 MPH fastball and his screwy-changeup, but since then he’s up to a respectable 89-90MPH.

The aforementioned change-up is Walter’s claim to fame, although I think saying it has screwball movement is a stretch, although outside of Danny Ray Herrera, we have no real screwballers to compare him with.

That is a fair amount of drop with the pitch, and he gets 15.4% whiffs with the offering. His slider was even more impressive, getting 25% whiffs with the pitch. Walters hopefully will carry over his early season success while holding it down for Penny. I’d like to see Walters give the Cardinals no reason to rush Penny back. With his ability to miss bats, maybe he’ll be impressive enough to stick as a reliever.

Erik Manning

Erik became addicted to Cardinals baseball as a young lad growing up on the mean streets of O'Fallon, MO. He moved away to Tulsa to attend Bible College, where he met his wife, who talked him into moving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, also known as the Bermuda triangle of baseball. His dream is to see the MLB.tv blackouts end, and his other interests are theology and philosophy of religion. He is the parent of two young boys.

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2 Responses to “Penny lands on the DL, PJ Walters Up”

  1. FWIW I looked through the rotobase injury database and the average “back strain” was ~36 days on the DL.

    • yeah, the Cardinal FO always paints a sunny picture with injuries. Now with Lohse going out, I hope they don’t rush things too much.

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