Just a few quick links to pass the time while you try and forget about today’s game.

I did a piece on Pujols’ “Struggles” for the ESPN TMI blog (Insider subscription required).  It seems silly now that he has gone on a HR binge, but the observations were interesting at the time I wrote it up.

Fourstick has a fanshot at VEB on the Pujols effect.  Worth a read.

Andrew at PH8 interviews our own Erik and Jason Churchill from ESPN about the Card’s draft.

Enjoy.  Next up for me a little analysis on Colby.

Steve Sommer

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  1. [...] of optimism. I’ve done some pitch f/x analysis on 3 of the top hitters for the Cards (Holliday, Pujols, Rasmus), but have yet to really dive in on any of the “lesser” hitters. I’ll start today [...]

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