The United Cardinal Bloggers’ September project is to have each blogger list his/her top 7 prospects.  I’m not Future Redbirds prospect guru, but I do follow the minors some.  That being said here’s my list:

  1. Shelby Miller – Duh!  Consensus organization #1.
  2. Zach Cox – This slot was the hardest to fill out.  I think Cox can probably be a 3-4 WAR guy in fairly short order, and the floor for him is probably 2 WAR quickly.
  3. Matt Carpenter – Just produces.  I’d project him for ~1.5-2 WAR next year if they Cards thrust him into the big league third base job next year.
  4. Eduardo Sanchez – The system just keeps banging out RH relievers.
  5. Lance Lynn – League average innings are a good thing.  Hopefully Lynn will be able to provide them in the near future so the big club doesn’t have to do any more mid-season dumpster dives.
  6. Dan Descalso – Might be redundant considering #2 and #3, but he could offer an alternative to Skip as soon as next year
  7. Carlos Matias – Going completely on upside and word of mouth here.

Just missed the cut: Bryan Anderson, Adron Chambers, Adam Ottavino, Mark Hamilton

I’m not convinced I didn’t miss someone big, so feel free to leave your criticisms in the comments

Steve Sommer

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