In my recent research endeavors I’ve been looking at some more historical things related to the Cardinals.  One offshoot was taking a quick look at the relationship between the various actual records and Pythagorean records.  The following is a quick synopsis of what I found.  First, how did the two records relate on a yearly basis.  The following chart summarizes

Looking at the largest differences:

The “luckiest” (if you assume all the difference was luck) teams were 1917 and 1936 with a 10 win difference.  The “luckiest” modern team was 2007.

The “unluckiest” were 1924 and 1980 with an 11 and 10 win difference.  2010 was 11th all time at -5.

I’m not certain how much of those differences to parse between luck and other things, but with that said I offer the following table without further comment

Manager Total “Luck” Seasons
Whitey Herzog 16 10
Joe Torre 12 5
Miller Huggins 9 5
Frankie Frisch 8 5
Billy Southworth 7 6
Red Schoendienst 2 12
Tony LaRussa 2 15
Eddie Dyer 0 5
Charlie Comiskey -3 6
Branch Rickey -18 7


Completely unrelated, but Future Redbirds just finished running through their top 20 prospects.  Head over there and check it out.

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