I’ve run my defensive projections for 2011 using UZR as the primary input data source.  For a general feel for the methodology read this post.  A couple changes from last year

  1. Instead of using the average FSR for bins of players I’m using the FSR converted to runs as found on Fangraphs as my scouting component number.
  2. I took into account multiple positions this year.  I used the Fangraphs standard position adjustments to convert all UZR values from all positions to a player’s primary position.

As mentioned, this set of data is run with UZR as the primary data input.  Over the next few weeks/month I’ll be running the same process with DRS as an input, TZ as an input, and an average as an input.  I’ll post those files as they become available.

Click here for an excel download
Click here for the google docs version

Quick Edit:  Didn’t explicitly say this anywhere.  The numbers in the files are Runs/150 Games.

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5 Responses to “Defensive Projections 2011”

  1. This is great stuff, Steve. Thanks! Any idea how Youkilis would project at 3B?

  2. Good stuff. Looking forward to the other systems as well.

    Just a note that Drew Stubbs is not included in your list for CF.

  3. [...] UZR Defensive projections are out and while projections are just that … projections. I wanted to note, mainly because I thought it was interesting and relevant, that the Mariners have 2 of the top 4 projected defensive shortstops in the league. [...]

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