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Our tour through the NL Central continues with the Chicago Cubs.  Today is the graphical version, and the questions with a fellow saber minded blogger will run tomorrow so be sure to stop by then.  Unfortunately this graphical version will have to be abbreviated in comparison the the Reds version as there aren’t any ZIPS projections out for the Cubs that I could find, and I wanted to be consistent in my choice of projection algorithms.  That said I still have some charts for you looking at their 2010 season.  The first looks at how the Cubs looked across the range of baseball activities.

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Pitching = good; Batting = ugh.  I could foresee this trend continuing based on their team construct.  Now, looking at ages

This makes me a lot more optimistic than the Reds chart.  Castro will boost the left hand side of the chart, but the Garza deal won’t help the youth movement much.

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