Yesterday Bernie had a blog and a bit on his radio show (which I must say I enjoy listening to) about what he thinks the Cardinals should be concerned about based on the spring among other things.  He lists Ryan Theriot, Lance Berkman, Jaime Garcia, The Bullpen, and Overall Depth.  Read the blog post for all of his thoughts.  I thought it might be interesting to do the same thing in this very space.  Just looking to do some quick hits here, no in depth analysis.

My concerns, in no particular order:

  • The middle infield:  No surprise here.  I think ~3 WAR between the starters is a definite possibility.  Unfortunately 3 WAR (which means below average for the pair) might be close to the ceiling.  Bad defense, average-ish offense = below average.
  • SP depth:  I’m not concerned with Kyle McClellan in a starting spot.  Andy and I both have penned plenty of pieces on that already.  I even think Lohse might actually be serviceable.  That said, I’m not excited about the prospects of the starting five taking all of their turns in the rotation.  All have an injury history, so we’ll likely see Lance Lynn and others at some time this season.
  • Berkman’s health and defense:  Not much to say here.  This is a fairly obvious bullet.
  • Ryan Franklin:  I generally like the bullpen.  I like that the younger guys should get some chances (I’m looking at you Boggs).  That said I’m still worried about Franklin and his contact tendencies.  I think he’ll be ok, but not great by any stretch.

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2 Responses to “What Should We Worry About”

  1. Jaime Garcia’s regression….

    • Can’t argue with you there Jeff. I’m hoping that the regression from Jaime will be balanced out a little by a slightly improved Lohse. We’ll see I guess.

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