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Game 9


Those are a couple of dramatic games at the beginning of the series aren’t they.  Unfortunately both went the wrong direction.  Thankfully Lohse was able to help the Cards avoid the sweep.


The Good:

Matt Holliday is back playing.  It doesn’t matter what he did in his first game back because having your second best hitter (and a plus defender to boot) back is a good thing

Colby’s Offense.  He’s getting his share of hits (a lot of singles so far, but the power is clearly not a problem) and most importantly drawing his fair share of walks.  Coming into today’s action he sat 8th in MLB in OBP due to a 20.6% walk rate.

Kyle Lohse had a very solid game, and in general the pitching (even the pen despite the memorable moments) has been good enough.

The Bad:

Colby’s Defense.  He looked skittish on the two plays to end the first two games.  Clearly we don’t have any numbers on his D yet, but I’ll be curious come end of the season what his metrics look like.  Up to this point he’s had one good and one bad year, so it’s hard to tell statistically how good he is.

Albert Pujols is still struggling at the plate, seemingly guaranteed to hit into a DP at all opportunities.  Clearly this is a temporary thing (more on this later in the week probably) but it still falls in the bad category.

Ryan Franklin has had a nightmare start to the season.  I’m not sure there is a clear cut next best option, so I’m ok with him remaining in the closer’s role.  If Motte or Boggs gets on a roll, then we’ll talk.  Ideally one of them will solidify themselves in Tony’s mind soon in case of any additional blow ups out of Franklin.



Apologize for the light amount of analysis recently, but look for that to change as we get some bigger samples to start to work with.  There’s a Pujols piece in the hopper and we’ll be able to start looking at some pitch f/x things for pitchers here pretty soon too.

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