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There has been lots of talk about Pujols’ rough start to the season, so I wanted to put it into context using some of his recent history.  First some ground rules, can we all agree that Albert Pujols had good seasons in 2010, 2009 and 2008?  I think it is pretty hard to say anything other than “yes” to that question.  With that in mind I offer some food for thought.  In 2010 Albert had five unique nine game stretches where he hit under 0.200.  He had a 16 game stretch where he hit under 0.200.  In 2009 and 2008 he had two unique nine game stretches each year where he hit under 0.200.  Are his current struggles bad?  Yes.  Are they unprecedented, even for him?  Absolutely not.


UPDATE:  As Pujols sits at 0-3 I thought I would update you with some more notes.  If we expand to ten games to match the current season’s number of games, Albert still had five unique stretches of ten games where he hit under 0.200.  His lowest ten game stretch was 0.147 and it happened twice.  2009 and 2008 saw Albert have 1 such stretch of ten games where he hit under 0.200 in each season.

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