I’m not excited yet about Carp’s injury.  It’s the first start of spring, and him not putting much mileage on his arm this spring is probably an ok thing anyway.  That said, clearly we have to be concerned long term.  We already took a look at the internal candidates to replace AW, and the results were something like 1.5-2 WAR (for that starter slot) in the best case out of the replacement.  If Carp were to go down, we’d be looking at replacing him with likely a 1-1.5 WAR pitcher.


lboros had a front page post at VEB this morning in which he talked about the Maple Street Press Cardinals Annual.  It’s a worthy purchase if you have a few bucks laying around.


The Cardinals site has some limited video of Matias (H/T to Future Redbirds among others)


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