Over at Beyond the Boxscore, Sky had a great idea of putting together a community WAR project, which I volunteered to help participate in. It’s pretty cool- different team specific bloggers get input from their readers on how to enter the projections, and in the end we should have a pretty interesting projections, and we’ll all keep updating as the season goes on. CHONE, Marcel, ZiPS, et al crunch the numbers, but we fans who follow the team closely know some things the projections don’t, like who is expected to see an increase/decrease in their playing time, who is battling injury, etc. Now I know the blog is relatively new here and we’re still growing in readership, but those of you who read, I’d like to hear your input.

Here is the community spreadsheet as I entered it. What would you change? For example, we’re hearing a lot of positive press about Carpenter’s health out of Winter Warm Up.  Should I project more than 85 IP for Carp? Less? Leave it the same? Other things to consider is how much playing time will Chris Duncan or Colby Rasmus actually see…there is the matter of who will be the utility IF, outfielder playing time, etc.  You get the idea.

I’m not saying I’m going to make just any change, but if it’s something reasonable and we’re able to come to a consensus, great.

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