One positive for me out of yesterday’s debacle was getting to see Ottavino pitch at the big league level. I had missed his other starts because of various family commitments. The observation that I remembered most from watching (watching might be the wrong word as my one year old was playing in the living room so I had 1.5 eyes on him and 0.5 eyes on the game) was that it seemed like his velocity was noticeably lower towards the end of his appearance than it was at the beginning. That seemed like an easy enough observation to verify using pitch f/x data. Here’s the chart using data from all of Ottavino’s innings to date this season.

So yes it appears that Ottavino’s velocity does decrease over the course of a start. This confirmed observation leads to two primary follow on questions
1. How normal is this for SPs?
2. What is the effect on performance?

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