Yesterday I posted some tidbits on the Cardinals and their Pythagorean record.  Finishing up that post was partially inspired by a conversation in the comments at VEB.  One of the comments was along the lines of, “what’s the point of the Pythagorean record?”  In an attempt to add some information to the discussion, I wanted to see how much (if at all) better Pythagorean record was at predicting next years record than actual record.  The following two charts are the results for the Cardinals.

So while neither is great at predicting next year’s record, Pythagorean record does have a higher correlation.

In my recent research endeavors I’ve been looking at some more historical things related to the Cardinals.  One offshoot was taking a quick look at the relationship between the various actual records and Pythagorean records.  The following is a quick synopsis of what I found.  First, how did the two records relate on a yearly basis.  The following chart summarizes

Looking at the largest differences:

The “luckiest” (if you assume all the difference was luck) teams were 1917 and 1936 with a 10 win difference.  The “luckiest” modern team was 2007.

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